Lifestyle of the Future – Part 1

When people talk about Koh Phangan, what would be the first thought to come to mind? — I bet 99% of us would say “Full Moon Party”. It is THE place to have your ultimate fun with no limitation and boundaries with people from all walks of life, especially young adults from all over the world. There is nothing wrong or bad about the party here at all. However, speaking as a non-party lady, I had no intention to visit this island because in my head all I could imagine was drunk people everywhere, loud noise from both people and music, and the list went on and on about how I didn’t want to spend my holiday doing – no offense! So Koh Phangan was not on my to-go-to list for holiday.  

I lived and worked in Bangkok for almost my whole life. Each month I would pick a place to go for a getaway to destress and recharge my batteries. Usually it’s an island because I am a sea person – I could say that I live and breathe the ocean, so I do all kinds of water sports like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and freediving. Having said that, I have been to (almost) all islands in Thailand and some islands I have been to more than twice or more like Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh tao…

There are hundreds of islands in the gulf of Thailand and Andaman sea combined. Some are uninhabited and others are developed for tourists. So I would say I have been to the MUST-SEE lists and some more for the past 10 years. Although Koh Phangan is in the picture-perfect MUST-SEE list, I never stepped foot here for the mentioned reasons. 

Work/Life Balance has always been the thing for me and I thought I was doing well on that path; working really hard and then off to the sea every month to get away from work, same routines and busy city life, although I ended up bringing work with me everywhere I went, without really realising it, even in my dream, and I still thought I did really well on balancing everything out until I physically and mentally crashed a couple years back. 

How did city life make me feel ? – The city showed me the so-called perfect life and the right way of living; to have all material things to show how much I had and how happy I was on social media just to get validation. I believed that the more I had, the better I would feel about myself. 

Then COVID-19 hit, and nothing will ever be the same. While everyone else struggled financially, I was one of those people who never felt satisfied. A hole in my heart got bigger, I had to stop everything to figure out what I missed all along. I need to find fulfillment. 

So I took off, quit my job, left my comfort zone – my so-called good life in Bangkok to an unplanned, unpredictable,  and unfamiliar kind of life. It would be dishonest of me to say that this decision was easy. It was the complete opposite. I was terrified but I did it anyway. I grabbed a few things and left the city carrying both fear and hope with me as I traveled from one place to another until arriving in Koh Phangan. Then things started to change. 

Since I stepped foot on this island at Tong Sala pier (coming from Koh Samui), I felt that my life was about to change. 

Haad Rin was the first place I decided to see and stayed for a night. Everyone knows Haad Rin as THE full moon party bay but since COVID-19 all shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts, even 7/11 were closed down as there was no tourist. I knew before I visited that there would be no party, nor noise but just me and nature.  It was exactly as I expected. So I went around on my bike and made a stop at Haad Rin Nai and Haad Rin Nok, enjoying the peacefulness and silence nature had to offer. The sea was so calm and beautiful. 

The reason the Full Moon Party takes place in Haad Rin is because it has got the most beautiful view of the full moonlight in the world.

I also learnt that Koh Phangan was King Rama VI’s favourite island as he visited 14 times during his reign and also gave the name to one of his most favourite waterfalls called “ThanSadet Waterfall” situated at ThongNaiPan Bay in Ban Tai district.

As visiting his outstanding statue established in the same area as the waterfall, it’s clear how fond he was on this island, and not just him but King Rama VI and VII along with their wives, and King Rama IX also paid their visits to the island and marked their signatures/royal cyphers on the rocks. 

After I spoke with more locals, they all told me that Koh Phangan is situated on Rose Quartz stone. Then I started to understand where this unique energy comes from. All these stones have a secret super power for Love and Healing; A mysterious vibration that protects the island from harm and explains all its happy residents, its apparel to yoga practitioners & spiritual retreats and wellness programs. 

It is safe to say that the island chooses the people; Law of attraction would explain it well in this case – the extraordinary island attracts extraordinary people. If you are living in Koh Phangan, then you are extraordinary.

The sound of the wave hitting the shore was like a music that was playing just for me. The sea was speaking to me and right there and then, on my very first night, my curiosity peaked. There MUST be something about this island!

Instead of staying one night, I extended my stay and moved up to Ban Tai Area as I landed at La Casa Tropicana – and since then I never moved anywhere else. 

What is it about La Casa Tropicana (Co-working and Co-living Space & Healthy Restaurant) that got me hooked?

I could not tell. All I know is that I have not moved since. I called my friends in Bangkok to pack all of my belongings and shipped them over here.

Stay tuned for Lifestyle of the Future – Part 2 !!!

From me to you – “You do not have to be fearless to become brave. You just have to do it

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